How to save $6000 on solar with Duke’s 2020 rebate


It’s simple. Really! If you’re a Duke customer, you can save up to $6000 on your home solar panels.

Here’s how it works for homeowners: you install solar, Duke cuts you a check for 60 cents per watt. That’s good for up to 10,000 watts installed. (Hence the $6k.)

But the thing is, it’s time sensitive… so if you think you want to claim that rebate, now’s the time to act.

Here’s why: there’s actually a cap each year on how many kilowatts Duke will offer a rebate for.

And 2019’s rebate filled up super fast. It was fun helping so many folks in our community go solar this year, in part because of this incentive. This is the third year Duke is offering the rebate, and we’re psyched. We’re so on board with working with our local utilities to help the transition to solar energy in Asheville go smoothly.

Because the thing is, we really are all in this together. You know?

So what does that mean for you, right now?

Well, since 2019’s rebate filled up so quickly, we’re taking appointments to make sure local folks can cash in 2020’s rebate. So if you’re thinking this is your time to make the switch to solar… let’s get you in the queue!

Because you don’t actually have to wait for next year to get next year’s rebate. Confusing, we know… but if you get your solar system installed October 3rd, 2019 forward, you’ll qualify for 2020’s rebate. We’ll walk you through the whole process like we did for our customers last year, including when the rebate application goes “live” again in January 2020.

Want in? Have questions?

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