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Why Solar Energy?

It’s the source of heat & light for the whole solar system.

“America is in the midst of its own energy revolution.”

— Bloomberg New Energy Finance Report

Join the renewable energy revolution! Solar technology has moved into the mainstream thanks to gains in efficiency and rapidly falling prices of components. It has never been easier to reduce your carbon footprint, and with the current tax incentives, the cost to switching to solar has never been sweeter.

Let Sugar Hollow Solar examine your electricity usage, estimate system sizing, pricing and benefits, and design, install, and service a sun-powered solution that best fits the needs of your property and carbon footprint goals. Now that’s powering the future. Ask us (828) 776-9161


Solar Electric
Panels that convert sunlight into electricity: either connected to the grid, off the grid, or a combination of the two. Tax incentives include a...
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Solar Hot Water
Panels that convert sunlight into heat: as simple as a one-collector hot water system or as complex as a twelve (or more) collector solar...
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Radiant Heating
Using water to carry heat through pipes in the floor, radiators, baseboards, etc: provides an efficient, comfortable, quiet alternative to...
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Micro Hydro
Using water from a stream to create electricity by channeling it through a turbine: either connected to the grid, off the grid, or a combination...
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